Listen for 13 minutes slow music to have peace

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Music is known to give happiness and relax the mind. But till now no one knew how long a person needs to listen to music to get happiness or comfort. Well, a new study now claims to have found the duration needed for music to bring happiness and peace of mind.

The British Academy of Sound Therapy that held the study found 13 minutes of melody in slow tempo with no lyrics decreases tension. This melodious music helped in the disappearance of negative thoughts and helped in bringing peace to the mind. It also helped in increasing concentration powers. Another finding is that nine minutes of music with a fast tempo, positive lyrics and driving rhythm will make people feel uplifted.

Music has already been proved to have positive effects on health. In the new study, the British Academy of Sound Therapy studied 7,581 people. Eighty nine per cent of the people believed that music was essential for their well being and health. In the study, it was found that 90.15 percent people used music for relaxation. 81.80 percent of the people surveyed used for feeling happy and 46.5 percent used music to get away from sadness. The study said that 32.53 percent surveyed used music to help in their concentration.

The study also showed that 89 percent of the people who listened to music improved their energy levels. Sixty five per cent laughed more and others felt more in control of their lives.

The high tempo music was found to improve the performance during exercise. In women, the researchers found that they put in more effort after hearing a pop music.


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