Limit people entering the state from abroad and other states; IMA 

Need To Foster Positive Research Culture in Medical Colleges

The Indian Medical Association, Kerala Chapter, has called for limiting the number of Non Residents Keralities arriving in the state and warned that the arrangements for those who come to Kerala from abroad and other states were unscientific.

“With the Non Resident Keralites arriving from abroad and other states of the country, even a little laxity will prove baneful,” said IMA State president Dr Abraham Varghese and state secretary Dr P Gopakumar.

Stating that the world was dealing with a deadly virus that did not have restrictions or limitations, they called for limiting number of persons returning. They asked to priorities and to bring back people who have lost jobs, pregnant ladies and others who have some urgency. They also warned against allowing people from hot spots and containment zones for the time being.

The IMA said that all persons entering the state should be registered and traceable. They demanded institutional room quarantine as home quarantine was creating problems with people breaking the quarantine rules. “Contact spread is mainly due to this. Obviously this will speed up community spread as well,” they said.

Another thing that the IMA pointed out was that the number of testing must be increased. The said that at least 100 tests per one Lakh population are needed. Pointing out that other states were far ahead, the doctors association said that testing should be allowed in private sector as well as labs and hospitals should be given permission.

Varghese and Gopakumar said that all hospitals, including private sector, should be equipped to deal with CoVid and non CoVid patients simultaneously.

Though several patients were cured, the symptomatology, progress of the disease, complications and treatment schedule of these patients were not revealed, they said. The data should not be kept a secret and should be made available to the medical community. They noted that many countries have now come out with several studies for evolving an optimal treatment schedule. However, Kerala did not have any study or research paper, the IMA said and added that they were ready for such studies and research.

Noting that healthcare workers contacting the infection was a serious matter, they called for revamping the infection control program and also to ensure availability of protection equipment, including PPEs and N95 masks.

They also stressed for reverse quarantine and also demanded to ensure that people aged 65 years of age and children stay inside their home. The IMA also said that “Break the chain” campaign should continue.

They said that staggered exit of lock down should be ensured with strict adherence to the general guidelines. “Even little deviation/laxity is to cost us very many lives as seen in other states/countries. We also suggest a periodic interaction between the expert technical committee of the government and the medical fraternity including IMA and specialty organisations, preferably twice a week. This will help the whole medical community in dealing with the disease in a collective manner,” they said. .





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