Life and reflections on David Attenborough



In his 93 years of age, Sir David Attenborough has come out with thousands of documentaries and explored many continents. Now people can have a glimpse of his life and reflections of his work with a documentary being made on him.

David Attenborough: A Life On Our Planet, the documentary made by award winning wildlife filmmakers Silverback Films and WWF, tells about the life of the great documentary producer Attenborough has seen more of the green world than others.

In the documentary, Attenborough also speaks about the various moments of his life and also the changes that he has seen around in the environment.  He also sends a message through a documentary on him.

WWF’s Executive Producer Colin Butfield was quoted as saying that the documentary gave the great documentary man a significant platform to express his thoughts.

The world premiere of the documentary will take place at Royal Albert Hall, London in April, 2020. It would also be premiered in Norway, the Netherlands, Ireland, Iceland, Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

Attenborough in the documentary will talk about his passion to explore and adventures.

Executive Producer at Silverback Films Keith Scholey has said that he was so enthusiastic for working in the film made on Attenborough. Scholey has worked with Attenborough in many projects.


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