Letter from Pet Labrador create sensation

Dog letter


You might be surprised to get a letter penned by a dog in the neighborhood. But for the fact, four English Boys in Bristol in England were lucky to have got a letter from a Labrador pup in the neighborhood.

The four English boys were living in an apartment whose landlord would not tolerate a dog with them. All the four had only just moved to this apartment after living in another5 place that was surrounded by pet animals. And this was what frustrated these English boys who were not allowed to keep a dog in their apartment by their landlord.

Seeing a Labrador pup in the neighbourhood, they got an idea and wrote a letter to the dog’s owner explaining their embarrassing situation and also asking to let them play with the pup. In the letter, they wrote that if the owner needed someone to walk the dog, they would gladly do so. The boys also mentioned to the owner that they would be glad enough to look after the pup if ever they felt bored.

“We hope this doesn’t come off too strong, but our landlord won’t allow pets, and we have all grown up with animals,” the letter, which was placed in the twitter by the boys read. The letter was signed “the boys from 23” and it was left in the neighbor’s mailbox.

To their surprise, they got a reply directly from the dog – Stevie Ticks. This letter placed in the twitter reads thus “What a treat it was to receive your letter. I love meeting new people and it would be great if we can be friends. I must warn you that the price of my friendship is five ball throws a day and belly scratches whenever I demand them…… I’d love to hang whenever you fancy.”

And after Jack McCrossan posted the pictures in the twitter, it has got a\ good response with thousands liking it in the social media. Apart from this, Stevie Ticks also has her own Instagram account. In that she shouts it loud that she is ready with her playdates with neighbour.


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