Let 2021 be year of healing: UN Chief   

Lauding the kindness showered by the people, tireless service of health workers and scientists who developed the Covid 19 vaccine in a short time, United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres said that 2021 could be made a “year of healing” if all worked in unity and solidarity.

“2020 has been a year of trials, tragedies and tears. But a New Year lies ahead. And with it, we see rays of hope! Working together in unity and solidarity, we will make 2021 a year of healing,” the Chief tweeted in his New Year message.

Noting that several lives have been lost and the pandemic was raging on, the Secretary General said that poverty, hunger and inequality was on the rise. He also mentioned that jobs have disappeared, debts mounted and more women/children suffered.

Sustainable future

Despite the world facing several problems, the United Nations Chief assures a sustainable world if everyone worked together in unity and solidarity. He said that the people have extended maximum help to the vulnerable, strangers and neighbours. The health workers had given everything to the service of mankind and the scientists have developed the vaccine within a short period. These showed that the covid 19 pandemic can only be addressed if everyone come together, which leads to sustainable future, he added.

Resolutions and goals

Giving a clarion call for the world to be together, Guterres asked the people to make peace not just among themselves but also with nature to stop the spread of Coronavirus and to make 2021 a year of healing: “Healing from the impact of a deadly virus. Healing broken economies and societies. Healing divisions. And starting to heal the planet”, he said. He also mentioned that UN’s plans for 2021 was to build a global coalition for carbon neutrality-net zero emissions-by 2050


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