Lesser number of people suffer from strokes due to Covid-19 now

The number of people suffering from strokes due to Covid-19 has come down now, according to a study.

Fewer people suffer from stroke as a result of Covid-19 than before, says the study done by the NYU Grossman School of Medicine. It was found that fewer than 1 percent of hospitalized patients who tested positive during one month for the virus suffered from a stroke. Earlier 2 – 5 percent of the admitted people suffered strokes.

The research also revealed that people with both conditions were younger, had worse symptoms, and were at least seven times more likely to die than stroke victims who were not infected.

Shadi Yaghi, MD, study lead author, assistant professor in the Department of Neurology at NYU Langone Health, said that the public should always take stroke symptoms seriously.

The researchers used medical records to identify 32 stroke patients among 3,556 people who were being treated for COVID-19 at NYU Langone hospitals in New York City and Long Island between March 15 and April 19. Then, they compared the characteristics of this group with stroke patients without the virus admitted during the same timeframe, and with patients from the previous year, before the pandemic began.

According to the medical experts, coronavirus may cause sudden stroke in younger patients. The research team found that stroke patients with COVID-19 disease had more severe symptoms than their counterparts without the virus. In fact, during the study period, 63 percent died, compared with just 9 percent for those without the virus and 5 percent of pre-pandemic stroke patients.


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