Less than 30 per cent preferred “Made in China” products this Diwali 


Indians always preferred to buy low cost products and “Made in China”: had always a preference. But this Diwali was quite different as majority of the Indians did not go after products with a “Made in China” tag.

About 71 per cent of the people seemed to have heeded to the call to boycott China after the recent incidents and the friction between Indian and China, according to a survey by LocalCircles. The survey was held in 204 districts across India.

The LocalCircles said that only 29 per cent of the surveyed consumers chose Chinese products. They said that 11 per cent of this brought the product without knowing that it was china made and 16 per cent knew about it.

It said that 66 per cent of those who bought the China Products did so as they felt the products offered Value for Money. Meanwhile 13% said they bought the products because of “uniqueness”.

The survey said that most of the consumers pointed out that the Indian counterpart for a Chinese product was generally expensive though might be of better quality. However, the LocalCircles said that most of the people did not go for quality when buying festival related products that are one time use only such as light-emitting diode bulbs, plastic and candles.


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