Less Pay, Sexual Harassment Haunt Female Doctors

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Gender equality is one thing that we talk about but practice otherwise. This is quite evident in all spheres, be it professional or any other work. A new study has claimed that female doctors experience frustration and sexual harassment at work

The report published by Oxford University Press shows that women doctors in 49 countries have high overall career satisfaction but lower satisfaction with some aspects of their career like pay, administrative tasks and personal time. Some of them also reported extensive sexual harassment in their jobs.

The study mainly focussed women in family medicine, their working conditions and career satisfaction. The authors aid that the share of women in family medicine continues to rise.

In the study, the women physicians in primary care earn 18 per cent less than their men counterparts. They also report higher rates of burnout and face more obstacles to promotion, leadership opportunities, sponsorships, and mentorships.


The authors surveyed about 315 women working in family practice across 49 countries. Most of the women (about 75 per cent ) said they were satisfied or extremely satisfied with their present work conditions and their career. However, more than half of the respondents (56 per cent) reported that it was difficult or very difficult to advance in their careers.

With respect to work conditions and career satisfaction in par with men, only 39 per cent of the women physicians reported similar satisfaction. On career advancement, only 30 per cent of women doctors reported that male colleagues would have similar possibilities to advance their careers. About 74 per cent of the participants said that they experienced general sexist remarks and behaviors in their training or work, About 45 per cent of the women doctors reported inappropriate sexual advances, and 22 per cent coercive advances.

Lead author Jumana Antoun noted that women physicians despite all obstacles in the work environment, especially regarding pay and administrative burden and lack of personal time, are satisfied with their careers.


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