Legal experts in the UAE for Malayali expats

Expats from Kerala involved in legal tangle in the UAE and those do not have financial capacity to hire a lawyer can now get free legal help through Malayali lawyers in the emirates.

The service of these consultants is being provided through Pravasi Legal Aid Cell, which is an initiative of Norka-Roots.

Reports said that two legal consultants have been employed in Sharjah and Abu Dhabi. Sabu Retnakaran has been appointed in Abu Dhabi and and Femin Panikkassery in Sharjah, the reports said

The consultants would provide free counselling and also help the deserving people to get legal representation in the courts. Most of the time, the expats have issues related to fighting legal cases because of lack of the legal system in that country or language barriers or absence of proper assistance from legal experts or because of financial problems in hiring an advocate.

Though any one can represent himself in lower courts without a lawyer, many of them face difficulty as they are not aware of the legal procedures. The legal consultants would help them to prepare documents to be produced before the court.

Keralites holding Indian passport with resident or visit visa, relatives/ friends of persons facing cases and those in prisons can apply for the counselling service. Those who want legal service should fill the form on and send it to the Norka CEO through post or email at

The Expats can also give a call to Norka helpline number 00918802012345.


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