Lanka to Export Monkeys to China To Get through Crisis

Sri Lanka, which is going through economic crisis, is considering to export up to a lakh of endangered monkeys to China. Reports quoting agriculture minister said. However, this has raised serious concern among conservationists.

Sri Lanka has banned almost all live animal exports and the proposed sale comes as it faces its worst-ever economic crisis. No financial details were made available, report said.

Lanka’s Agriculture Minister Mahinda Amaraweerawas quoted as saying that a committee would look into the request. Monkeys are considered pests in Sri Lanka.


Purple-faced leaf monkey and Toque macaque are endemic to Sri Lanka while Grey Langur can be found in India too. According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) classification, Grey Langur is nearly threatened, Toque macaque is endangered, Purple-faced leaf monkey is (more) endangered and lorises are critically endangered.Toque macaques are decreasing in numbers over the time. 


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