Lactating Mothers To Be Included For Covid-19 Vaccination

Breastfeeding helps To Drive Away Infections

Pregnant women have to wait for the Covid vaccine but lactating mothers shall soon be included for covid-19 vaccination in the national immunisation programme, according to experts.

Addressing a webinar recently on ‘Vaccination for Covid and post-vaccination prevention’ organised by Chennai based Dr MGR Medical University, National Immunisation Programme , Advisor-Dr Naresh Purohit averred pregnant women would have to wait for the jab as research was still underway.

“However, discussions are on to include lactating mothers in the national immunisation programme. A lactating mother can take the jab six weeks after the delivery,” he said.

Principal Investigator for National Integrated Disease Surveillance Programme Dr Purohit said the vaccine was safe for those who had undergone angioplasty or were on blood thinners, but if the person had undergone open-heart surgery, he or she should consult doctor before taking the jab.

Acclaimed Epidemiologist Dr Purohit warned Covid-19 home isolated patients against self-medication. “Take doctors’ advice before taking medicines and those living alone should not isolate themselves at home,” he pointed out.

Emphasizing on the use of a triple-layer surgical mask by home isolation patients and their caregivers, he said: “If SPO2 levels drop below 94% or there is any other complication, patients should contact doctors immediately.”

WHO-Covid19 technical lead Dr Purohit said fully vaccinated people were less likely to fall critically ill. “However, people should take precautions against infection even after vaccination,” he added


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