Know Co-WIN for Covid Vaccination

India is all set to begin the vaccination drive against Covid 19 with the Drugs Control o India approving the two vaccines of Serum Institute and Bharat Biotech. As part of the vaccine drive, the centre has come up with an application named Co-WIN (Covid Vaccine Intelligence Work).


Co-WIN is a digitalised platform aimed at effective roll out of COVID Vaccine Distribution System across the country. Co-WIN comes in five modules such as administrator module, registration module, vaccination module, beneficiary acknowledgement module and report module.

The administrators who will conduct the vaccination sessions can use the administrator module. This module will help them to create sessions and respective vaccinators. People who want to register for vaccination can go to Registration module. In the Vaccination module, the beneficiary details can be verified. The updated status of vaccination is known here. The acknowledgement module will send SMS to beneficiaries and generate QR (matrix barcode)-based certificates after vaccination. In the report module, one can see the number of vaccine sessions conducted, number of people attended and how many people dropped out.

Aadhar cards can be used as mode of authentication on the app. Through the Aap, the beneficiary will know the vaccination sessions and about the time and date for the next dosage. Apart from this, details of adverse events following immunisation could also be given through Co-WIN. The beneficiaries will get a QR code based vaccination certificate after vaccination.  Co-WIN comes with a Digilocker for data retrieval and storing OR code based certificate. A 24X7 helpline is also available.



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