Kerala to take back all fragmented lands


With reports of fragmentation of lands increasing each day, the Kerala government is for taking back lands from those who have bought exempted land that have been fragmented.

The revenue department is for bringing in an amendment to the Kerala Land Reforms Act and the process has already been started. With the amendment, the revenue department is for booking case against the persons who had bought the fragmented land and to take back the exempted land directly from them.

As of now, the provisions in the KLR specify to take ceiling case against the original occupant and the person who had bought the land was spared. There is no provision to take back the land from the person who had bought the exempted land. With the amendment, both the seller and the buyer would be brought under the provision.

As per the present provisions in t6he KLR, the sources said that it was hard to take back land from those who bought exempted land and would even been embroiled in legal tangles for many decades.

Highly placed sources said that the new amendment that is being envisaged will have the provisions that could have many stringent measures against the plantations that violate existing laws.

With amending the Kerala Land Reforms Act, the revenue department hopes of stopping fragmentation of plantations. The sources said that the hopes are high for taking back all illegally possessed lands and to distribute it to the poor.





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