Kerala sets example for couples marrying outside caste/religion



Kerala, the south Indian state, has always stood top among all the states in all sectors. In a first of its kind, Kerala has opened ‘Safe Homes’ for those marrying outside their religion and caste.

Most couples who marry outside their caste and religion face ostracism and even threats in many parts of the Country. But Kerala is setting an example by opening such ‘Safe Homes’ across the state.

Kerala Social Justice Minister K K Shaylaja said steps are taken to set up ‘safe homes’, in all the districts. The couples can stay up to a year after marriage in these homes, she added. .

The Minister said that the government has come up with such an initiative to ensure security for newly married couples. The support of voluntary organisations are taken for setting up ‘Safe Homes’

The Social Justice Department already provide financial assistance to couples who are married out of their caste or religion for self-employment. Moreover, inter-religious couples having government jobs have special consideration during transfers.

Incidents of social ostracism and threats against inter-religious and inter-caste couples have been reported in several parts of the country in recent times. Kerala has reported such incidents. In 2018, a 23-year old Dalit Christian man was killed allegedly by the relatives of his upper caste wife in Kottayam district.


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