Kerala Positive: Pravasi Startup to be a big relief for foreign returnees

India Imposes Restrictions on Imports of Laptops, Tablets, and PCs

Aimed at providing the best business opportunity for those who return from abroad, the Kerala government’s “ Norka Pravasi Startup Programme’ has given a big relief to many.

As part of the Norka Pravasi Startup Programme(NPSP), the government would provide NRIs various technology business opportunities. The NRIs will get the benefit of the trends of technology and advancements that could help in creating good values.

The NRIs will be selected through a screening committee and those selected will undergo a three months programme. The training will help the NRIs to choose a business venture and also help them to add value to their business investments. The persons who are selected will also get financial assistance through the existing NDPREM scheme.


Norka Pravasi Startup Programme is an initiative of the Kerala Startup Mission in association with NORKA. The programme is a stepping stone for aspiring entrepreneurs who can contribute to the development of the society. This can be a corridor to explore the opportunities in the Technology Startup Ecosystem.

Norka Pravasi Startup Programme was brought up for

  1. Rehabilitation of NRI community based on their professional skills
  2. Identifying aspiring entrepreneurs and nurturing their ideas to enterprises
  3. Building a business network and investor network from the NRI community
  4. Exploring business mentoring or consulting opportunities with Technology start-ups
  5. Leveraging the business network of NRIs for the betterment of society
  6. Identifying likeminded NRIs
  7. Giving financial support through the various start-up schemes and subsidy for Pravasi by Norka

As per the Norka Pravasi Startup Programme, a Pravasis will get 15 per cent subsidy on capital investment of rs 30 lakh with a ceiling of rs three lakh. They would also get additional three per cent subsidy on the interest from the bank for a period of four years.



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