Kerala Positive; CM says situation crucial, inching towards community spread


Noting that the state was at a crucial stage of Coronavirus outbreak, Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said that the situation was inching towards a community spread.

“We are facing the most critical stage of Covid outbreak now. This is a time for concern as we may be near the cusp of a community spread in the State,” he said.

The Capital City of Thiruvananthapuram in now under triple lockdown after several people got infected and the infection through contact increased.

“We might have to tighten the restrictions at any time and this is applicable across the State. Restrictions are for the safety of all in the society and everyone should abide by them. Any failure to do so will result in the virus spreading through contact leading to super spread and later, a community spread in no time. Self-control is very important and we should venture out only for urgent needs. There should be no crowding or gathering at any places anywhere. Today’s situation demands that we avoid public gathering of any kind. This is for our own safety and the safety of all. Avoid all social visits also, especially in houses where people are in reverse quarantine. Any compromise of our part would lead to irreversible consequences,” Vijayan said.

The coastal area of Poonthura, in Thiruvananthapuram district has been identified as a super spread cluster. The CM also informed that field surveillance, check post monitoring, surveillance of road, rail and airport have been strengthened. Contact tracing has been expanded to classify primary contact and secondary contacts and all the people in the Containment Zone area are being quarantined. The government is coordinating with multiple departments like Health, Police, Media, Fire Force, Revenue, Food Security, Restaurants, Hotels and Tourism.

“During the lockdown period the number of cases was low but after the third phase, the numbers started spiking and now every day, the new cases have crossed 300. But if the spread through contact increases, we fear a community spread that would create a very dangerous situation and this has to be avoided at any cost”, he said.

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