Kerala Positive: all party meet expresses satisfaction on Covid mitigation efforts


The All party meet convened on May 27 expressed their satisfaction on the Kerala Government’s Covid mitigation efforts so far and extended their support. State Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan called the all-party meeting to apprise the leaders about the Government’s Covid preventive measures and the steps taken to manage the pandemic.

After the meeting held through video conferencing, the Chief Minister told reporters that the leaders at the all-party meeting expressed their satisfaction on the Government’s Covid mitigation efforts. “They have also offered their support for the measures being taken by the government. The leaders were of the opinion that the people, the government and the local self-government bodies should come together in the present situation in fighting the pandemic,”he said.

Vijayan said that the leaders opined that the state should be more careful and cautious as more and more people were coming from other countries and states.

In the meeting, all the political parties stressed the importance of home quarantine and the need for those in quarantine to strictly follow the guidelines. “The public, neighbours and the police will have to be vigilant to check if they are violating the quarantine. The State is willing to receive anyone who comes back but if they come without prior information and do not follow quarantine properly, our efforts to contain the spread of the virus will be negated,” Vijayan said.

On reports of expenses to be shared by those who go in quarantine, the Chief Minister said that paid quarantine facility was for those who can afford it. However, the poor will not face any hardship. “The Government Order in this regard would have all the details. This issue was also raised by the various party representatives during the all-party meeting,” he said.

He also said that Kerala had no objection in chartered flights coming to the State from other countries as long as prior intimation is given. “Any reports, on the contrary are totally baseless. If the information is given in advance, we will make the necessary arrangement here”, he said.

The All party meet also decided to observe May 31 as cleanup day in the wake of Monsoon season starting from next month.  “Sundays are now complete lockdown day in the state but everyone should clean their house and their surrounding area on Sunday, The public places will be cleaned by the LSG bodies. This would avoid all possible conditions for the spread of disease. I request the support and cooperation of all parties and organizations in this cleaning activity. If people can come together, we can overcome this situation. The government has called up each party to make a special effort to educate the public to comply with the stipulations for preventing the spread of disease. The government is happy that everyone has accepted it,” he said.

Opposition Leader Ramesh Chennithala was among the 15 leaders of different political parties who attended the video conference.



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