Kerala maintains top lead in education

The quality of education shows a wide difference in India with many of the states yet to better their performance, according to Niti Ayog’s School Education Quality Index that was released on Monday.

While Kerala was adjudged the performer state with a total score of 76.6 per cent, Uttar Pradesh was the worst performer with 36.4 per cent score for 2016-17 when compared to 2015-2016, the Indian think tank said.

Among the smaller states, Tripura ranked top in the chart with 48.5 per cent, Mizoram was placed in the second position with 47.7 per cent.  With respect to Union Territory, Chandigarh with 70 per cent score led the chart and the worst performer was Dadar and Nagar Haveli with a score of 29.9 per cent.

In Outcomes category, Karnataka toped among the larger states with 81.9 percent score and again Uttar Pradesh was the worst performer with 34.1 percent score. In Governance Processes Aiding Outcomes category, the southern state of Kerala had the highest score of 79.0 percent. Jharkhand was in the last position with 21.0 percent score.

The education index says that 18 of the 20 large states improved their overall performance score in 2016-17 when compared to the previous academic year.

With respect to overall performance among the smaller states, Manipur came with the highest overall performance 68.8 percent score. And Arunachal Pradesh has been ranked in the bottom with a score of 24.6 percent. In the outcome category also, Manipur was on top with 82.1 percent and Arunachal Pradesh was in the lower ladder with a score of 27.2 percent.


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