Kerala High Court acts on letters from Children

High court kerala childen

Letters from a group of children in Idukki district in Kerala about their plight to reach school has called for the intervention of the Keral High Court. The children of Fathima High School in Mlamala in Vandiperiyarr near Mullaperiyar dam had written letters to all the 26 judges, including the Chief Justice, detailing about their journey to the school along a broken bridge.

Receiving the letters in the first week of October, the High Court was quick to act with acting Chief Justice Abdul Rehman directing the Idukki district Judge to pay a visit to the school and hear the plight of the students. The District Judge said that an Adalat will be held on November 29, in which a Judge from the High Court will preside.

The students of the school wrote a 6 page letter in which they had detailed about the hardships they face in travelling to the school. They also rendered the poor road connectivity to the village. The children are said to have written such letters as the local leaders were deaf to the plight of the villagers.

Nooradipalam and Santhpalam are the two bridges that connect the village to the main land. The bridges were destroyed in the floods of 2018 and 2019.


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