Kerala demands Non Stop trains to bring back Keralities in other states

All Over Dominance of Vijayan; No More Dissident Voice

Kerala has asked the Centre for nonstop trains from other states to bring back the thousands of the Keralities stranded there.

“I have written a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi for arranging nonstop trains from other states to bring the Malayalees stranded there,” Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said.

The Chief Minister told the media that he has asked the Prime Minister to make use of the nonstop special trains now used to send the guest workers from Kerala to other states. He said that the government’s policy was to back all those who are stranded outside the state.

As per Norka roots, 1.66 lakh Keralities have registered for coming back to the state. The most number of registered persons are from Karnataka (55,188). Then it is from Tamil Nadu (50,863). However, it is the people in other states who need transportation.

About 28,272 people have applied for vehicle passes to enter Kerala by road, The government has issued 5,470 passes till now. The persons registered through Norka will get priority. They can use Covid-19 Jagratha Portal ( to get the pass.  Those who are travelling to Kerala should install Covid-19 Jagratha app.




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