Keep the older healthy at time of Corona

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With coronavirus having negative impacts on the mental health of elderly people, there is high need for preventing social distancing becoming a social isolation of these older people.

Several elderly people are now confined to their rooms and are only communicating to their dear ones through mobiles or other devices. All these are going to have detrimental effect on the people, especially the elderly ones. For these elderly people, they may be less comfortable with the electronic ways of communication and as such would run into mental tortures. Social isolation often leads to loneliness.

The more educated and those who have more resources such as the Internet will not have the same monotony as that of the others.

The World Health Organisation, social organisations, doctors and experts have asked the communities and the health care system to find ways to keep the elderly engaged and motivated. The radio and Television can play a major role in this by including shows and programmes that focus on elderly groups.

Apart from this, health workers and volunteers should maintain regular contact, especially through phone. In their conversation, they can encourage a relationship with these elderly people. Mental health experts could also talk to the elderly who are confined to their rooms. They can relieve the anxiety and depression in these people.

The elderly should be encouraged to maintain self care. They can be engaged in doing small exercises and yoga. One of the most important thing that is needed to be looked into is that health checks should be conducted in these elderly quite often. Most of the elderly are much concerned about their health and some are even worried when they do not undergo tests.


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