Kalashamala; an Eco Tourism Village

In the heart of Thrissur district in Kerala lays a radiant gem, Kalashamala Eco Tourism Village, poised to redefine the contours of travel and exploration. This ethereal haven is more than just a destination; it is a testament to the profound connection between mankind and the natural world, a sanctuary where biodiversity thrives and culture flourishes.


Spanning across 2.64 acres of unspoiled terrain, Kalashamala stands as a sentinel of eco-consciousness, entrusted to the vigilant care of Chowvannur Block Panchayat and Porkkulam Gram Panchayat. In a realm where tourism often leaves its mark, Kalashamala takes a transformative approach, entwining tourism with the sacred mission of biodiversity conservation.

While the district boasts numerous tourist spots, Kalashamala’s distinction is rooted in its commitment to nature tourism that resonates with the delicate symphony of the ecosystem. This symphony finds its crescendo in the breathtaking expanse of the largest Kulavetti tree collection across Asia, a living testament to the region’s enduring natural heritage.


Stepping through the welcoming gateway of Kalashamala, one is immediately immersed in an ambiance of tranquillity and wonder. A children’s park, vibrant and playful, ignites the spirits of the young and the young at heart. The herbal garden, an aromatic treasure trove of medicinal plants, beckons visitors to explore the healing secrets of nature.

As you journey deeper into Kalashamala, a trio of meticulously positioned viewpoints unveil themselves, each framing panoramic vistas that unveil the untamed beauty of the landscape. Nature’s artistic prowess, showcased through rolling hills, pristine water bodies, and verdant expanses, captivates the senses and invites contemplation.

Venturing further, the Narimata Guha emerges, a cave that seems to echo the whispers of time. Nearby, a natural waterhole quenches the thirst of not only the body but also the soul, an embodiment of nature’s nurturing embrace. Scattered amidst this sanctuary are ancient temples, their timeworn walls a testament to the interplay of spirituality and the environment, offering a window into the tapestry of the past.

And as the project gains momentum, a vision unfurls. The acquisition of an additional 12 acres and 60 cents of land sets the stage for the village’s second phase of development. This expansion promises to catapult Kalashamala into the league of premier tourist destinations within the district, poised to redefine the essence of a holistic travel experience.

Watch as Kalashamala Eco Tourism Village, with the completion of its second phase, emerges as a prominent icon on Thrissur’s tourism landscape. Here, nature’s resplendence merges seamlessly with cultural heritage, offering a symposium of exploration that enriches both the traveller and the land. In this evolving narrative, every vista, every rustle of leaves, becomes a thread weaving a tapestry of conscious and immersive travel, inviting all to be part of this transformative journey.


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