Just not Lockdown but aggressive measures needed against Corona: WHO

Even as the world is on a lockdown against the deadly coronavirus, the World Health Organisation said that lockdown was just not enough to eradicate the deadly virus.

The WHO has asked all the countries, which have declared lockdown, to take urgent steps to trace, test and isolate to prevent the spread of the disease. WHO Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus stressed that a lockdown was just not enough to wipe out the deadly virus from the world. .

Stating that a second window of opportunity was created the world over through lockdown, he said that this was the time to trace and isolate the deadly virus. He mentioned that isolation, treating and testing were the best way to prevent the disease.

As of now, the number of people infected has crossed five lakh and over 20,000 have died.

The World Health organisation has recommended the following

  1. expand, train and deploy health care and public health workforce
  2. develop a system to trace all suspected case at community level
  3. increase the availability of testing
  4. identify, adapt and augment facilities to treat and isolate patients
  5. develop clear plan and process to quarantine patients
  6. focus all efforts on suppressing and controlling the virus

The WHO also mentioned that several countries still have less than a 100 cases. The World Organisation said that aggressive preventive measures could save these countries.


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