Journalism, Most Regretted Degree to Take

Most of the people may be a bit discontented when they have to work that does not match their college degrees. And this is the truth in many cases and often people seem to regret of having taken such a degree and not choosing another one. Well, what is the most regretted choice made? It is Journalism and majority of the people in a latest survey regretted to have taken Journalism as their degree major.

The survey   by ZipRecruiter found that students who studied journalism as their college majors regretted their decision the most and would jump at the opportunity to go back and take up a different degree.

Sociology comes in number two positions as the most regretted major and then comes liberal arts and general studies (both at 72 per cent). Communication degree (64 per cent) and education degree (61 per cent) comes next in line.

The survey also said marketing management and research, medical/clinical assisting, political science and government, biology, and English language and literature are on the list.


The happiest graduates are those who majored in computer and information sciences, and those who majored in criminology. In both groups, 72% would choose the same major again if they had to do so today. Other majors that graduates are less likely to regret include quantitative fields, such as engineering, health care, business, and finance. Other regret-free college degrees are business administration and management (66 per cent), finance (66 per cent), psychology (65 per cent), construction trades (65 per cent) and human resource management (58 per cent).

Computer science graduates are in high demand across a wide range of industries, from science to tech to consulting and management. They are securing highly paid jobs, with an average annual salary of almost $100K, according to BLS.  Computer science is substantially less popular among women. Only 8% of women who regret their majors wish they had studied computer science, compared with 19% of men.


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