Jake, the horse, who starts his day with Morning Tea

Jake horse


A morning cup of tea or coffee is what one wants to have before starting a day. Likewise, Jake, the police Horse in the United Kingdom, will only start his day after his morning cup of tea. Jake Jake refuses to start the day if he is not given his tea skimmed with milk and two teaspoons of sugar with a little cold water.

Jake and his love for the morning tea was recently in the news after the video of the horse drinking his morning tea became viral in the social media. Jake is now with Merseyside Police Mounted Section in Liverpool. In the video that was shared by the police unit, it is said that Jake refuses to get up without his morning tea and once he gets it, he is up in his legs and ready for the day.

Jake’s trainer Lindsey Gaven was quoted as saying that the police horse loves his morning tea with skimmed milk, sugar a little cold water. On how Jake started his love for the morning tea, Gaven said that Jake had one day mischievously snatched a sip of his rider’s tea, and since then this habit started.

Jake’s morning passion was shared in the twitter and the video that followed has about two lakh views. In the twitter, one can also come across funny tweets with respect to his love for the morning tea.


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