Italy Newspaper dedicates ten pages for Obituary

From one page of obituary to ten pages – this is what a local newspaper in Italy has come up with. The L’Eco di Bergamo newspaper dedicated ten pages for the dead.

The newspaper is published from Bergamo in Lombardy. The increased pages showed the real impact of Coronavirus in the country.  The newspaper published the list of 146 people who died in the town in just one week. Bergamo is the worst hit town in Italy.

Meanwhile, a video on Twitter compared the March 13 edition with that of February 9 of the newspaper. The video showed how the pages got increased and finally earmarking ten pages on March 13. The video showed the newspaper clipping side by side which showed how bad the situation in Italy is.

The toll in Coronavirus related death in Italy soared to about 1900 with more than 25,000 cases reported till now. Italy is the worst hit European nation.


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