It is not how long you walk, but how you walk

Attention, all fitness freaks who walk for long and use modern gadgets to count your steps.

What is more important is not the steps you covered, but how you covered.

According to the Interval Walking Training, which is getting popular in countries like Japan, high-intensity walking time is the key.

It is a method that is effective in increasing overall fitness and decreasing healthcare costs associated with lifestyle-related diseases of the middle-aged and elderly. Participants who walk longer at 70% or more of their maximum capacity see improvements in health and fitness. 50 minutes a week is what one needs to see peak aerobic capacity improve, as well as other blood work levels.

It’s not how much you walk, but how intensely you do so for a minimum amount of time to get positive results. This finding may be welcome news for those who want to save time and get the most out of their workout.

Interval Walking Training is the method of walking at 70% of the walker’s maximum capacity for 3 minutes, then at 40% of their capacity for the next 3 minutes. This is continued for 5 or more sets.

Studies were conducted in a group of 679 participants with a medium age of 65 over the course of 5 months about the effect of this way of walking.


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