ISSAC Project during Corona to explore creative thinking    

project issac

A time when education institutions across the world are closed, the IIT Gandhinagar has come up with an innovative way of engaging the students in critical thinking. “Project Issac” is designed so as to develop the critical skills of the students while confined to their rooms or homes at the time of Corona.

The IIT said that the project was inspired by Isaac Newton, who was similarly sent home 350 years ago by Trinity College because of the 1665 Great Plague of London. This year is called as the year of wonders in Isaac’s life. During this time, Newton was instrumental in coming up with several theories of gravity and optics.

IITGN director Sudhir K Jain said that project Issac gets the inspiration from the great scientist of all times.  It is a way to motivate the students to think in a creative manner, he said.

Jain said that more than 40 per cent students have already taken up the call. More are expected to join in the coming days, he said.

Under Project Isaac, several exciting and fun contests with daily rewards are introduced. This will culminate in a talent contest when the students return to the campus after the restrictions are over. They can showcase their creative products at that time.

Everyone, including the IIT alumni has expressed their interest in Project Issac. They are even following some of the contests like Quarantine Reviews. A contest has been designed for the alumni.


  • 12 Days of Code: students have to work 24 hours on new coding problems released daily,
  • Leadership Video Challenge: students have to watch handpicked Ted/TedX talks regarding leadership,
  • ‘Don’t Quarantine Your Cornea!’: review writing on TV shows/ episode/documentary/ movie of choice
  • Project Isaac Showcase: showcasing the best/most creative work products



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