Is Kerala’ Left roping in private agency to scrutinise secretariat works?


The Left government in Kerala is alleged to be moving ahead with roping in an outside agency or a private player in analysing the workload of each section in the government secretariat. The Personnel and Administrative Reforms department has already started collecting details of the workload of each of the sections, which is said to be collected for streamlining the work distribution.

Moreover, the government is alleged to have come up with the study work analysis with the intention of abolishing some of the sections and by which reducing the number of employees.

The role of the Personnel and Administrative Reforms is alleged to end with data collection. It is alleged that some private agency will be doing the analysis part and the Personnel and Administration Department will me just onlookers.

Earlier, there were allegations that if the Personnel and Administration reforms Department had not take up the work, then it could have been handled by some private firm. Some of the employees had even spoken it loud that the government was at the verge of engaging a private player.

Engaging a private agency for data analysis is nothing new for the left government. The Pinarayi Government is already criticised for its health survey, the Kerala Information on Resident- Arogya Network (KIRAN). It has been alleged that a Canada based NGO is being given handed over the analysis part of the survey. All the survey and ground work is being handled by the health officials and the final analysis is done by the Canadian firm. Likewise, the Personnel and Administrative Reforms Department just collects the data from the employees and the final part of analysis is alleged to be handed over to a private firm.

After the government is alleged to be transferring the health data of the people in the state, the working pattern and the types of work that is being handled at the government level is allegedly being handed over to some private firm.

Noting that the government can never engage a private firm to analyse the work at the secretariat, Kerala Secretariat Association office bearer J Bency told Indianflash said that they would never allow such a move. “How can we engage an outside agency to analyse the work of the staff here? It is not possible and cannot be allowed at any instance,” he said.

Moreover, he said that an outside agency will never be able to come out with a proper analysis as they did not about the work culture here. “Without knowing what kind of work is done here and how the files are generated in each of the sections, they can never come out with a proper analysis,” he said.

Though tried to contact  pro Left Association leaders, they were not available for comments. No official was also available.


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