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Is gas pressure cooker and blood pressure related?


It could be bizarre that those who work in the kitchen and standing near a gas cooker can get their pressure controlled. A new study has claimed that people standing near the gas pressure cooker can lower their pressure and also offset the adverse cardiovascular effects of air pollution.

The researchers from the King’s College, London, found that the nitrogen dioxide levels in the air increased ten-fold with a person next to a gas cooker. The study said that this also led to lower blood pressure by 5 mm Hg from 45 minutes onwards.

They also found that blood levels of nitrite increased by 15 per cent after 15 minutes. Earlier studies have shown that nitrates from dietary nitrate following the ingestion of green leafy vegetables and beetroot can lower blood pressure.

The Circulation Research published the study. It said that nitrite can also be produced when the body processes nitrogen dioxide. Clinical Senior Lecturer at King’s College Dr Andrew Webb was quoted as saying that said the mechanism by which nitrogen dioxide lowers blood pressure was almost similar to dietary nitrate. Webb also mentioned that it is not just eating that matters but cooking also matters a lot.

The study was done in 12 healthy volunteers. They sat next to a domestic gas cooker for about 90 minutes followed by another 90 minutes with normal background nitrogen levels.

The study also noted people working in kitchens with gas cookers may be exposed to higher levels of nitrogen dioxide but with less particulate matter, which are found in t6he streets.

Webb also noted that the study shed light on some of the rapid effects of nitrogen dioxide on the heart.

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