Irregular lifestyle leads to irregular menstrual periods



People who do not maintain a good life style are likely to come across many diseases. In the case of women, about 33 per cent of them are having irregular menstrual periods because of an irregular lifestyle, according to a survey.

The survey was conducted by Singapore based health and menstrual tracking app “Nyra”. The survey revealed that women between 18 and 35 years of age had irregular menstrual periods mainly because of following an irregular lifestyle.

Vivant (start up that runs the App) CEO Adrit Raha is reported to have said that it was clear from the survey that the irregular menstrual periods was clearly visible in millenial women who had a face paced and stressful life styles.

Experts have said irregular menstrual periods among women in the 18-35 age group was on an increase. Apart from this, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is quite widely seen among the women of this age. It has also been said that women in this age group now lack exercise and also follow an unhealthy eating habit. Moreover, working in late or odd hours would also have an impact on women’s health and which could lead to problems in menstrual periods.


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