Indians spend more time on gadgets than before

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An Indian spends about ten hours time in his devises a day, be it for watching videos/films, chatting with friends or even shopping online.

A recent Adobe survey has revealed that a lot of change has come upon the Indians in using the devices.

The survey has also revealed that many of the persons have two devices and they are very much engaged with both of them, which shows the change of Indian usage. It was surveyed that about 400 million new generation people choose their trust worthy brands very privately online.

The survey says that people in the age group 23-40 make unplanned purchases and an estimated 60 per cent of shoppers prefer online marketing. It has been found that while 49 percent buy products through the brands websites, 31 percent still prefer to buy products from a shop though they may visit the websites.

In the survey, it was found that about 95 per cent of the people in the 18-34 age groups prefer You Tube. However, the survey shows that middle aged people and the elderly choose facebook more.

Another report by a private online media house claimed that there was an immense growth of Apps on food and eateries in India in 2018. It is said that the popularity of smarty phones had led to this bombastic change in the Indian society. Moreover, it has been claimed that Indians spent about a 100 million shopping sessions in 2018


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