Indians sent the largest Whatsapp message on New Year eve



In the highest number of 100 billion messages sent through WhatsApp on December 31, 2019, users in India topped among the senders with 20 billion messages sent on the eve of New Year.

In the ten year history of WhatsApp, the day saw the largest number of messages sent in any messaging platform. Of this, 12 million were picture messages that were sent around the globe.

In India, Whatspp is the most popular messaging and chatting platform and is used by nearly 400 million people. Several reports said that Whatsapp had confirmed that December 31 saw the largest number of messages sent in its ten year history. It also said that over 12 billion were picture messages.

It also said that nobody other than the sender and receiver could see what message or picture was sent because of the end-to-end encryption feature. However, a very large number os messages were sent on New Year eve, Whatspp said in a blog.


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