Indian woman chef cooks for nearly 88 hours to set world record

Lata Tondon, a chef hailing from a town in Madhya Pradesh, cooked for over 87 hours continuously to set a new world and also became the first woman in the world to notch this achievement.

A resident of Rewa, she won the coveted Guinness World Title for the longest time spent cooking. Chef Tondon cooked for 87 hours 45 min non-stop setting the new record.

The longest cooking marathon was previously held by Rickey Lumpkin from Los Angeles, USA at 68 hours 30 minutes 01 second. Lata Tondon who was training in London as a professional chef was inspired to surpass this record and become the first Indian woman to own the International title.

The successful event saw Chef Lata cook more than 1,600 kg food grains, 400 vada-pavs, 250 sandwiches and a host of other local delicacies over a span of 4 days. The food was served to over 20,000 visitors who attended the event including children from orphanages and blind schools and members of old age homes. An environmentalist at heart, Chef Lata also used this platform to encourage people to purchase and plant over 17,000 saplings.

The alumni of Chef Academy of London, Lata has won several accolades in the culinary world including winner International Indian Chef of the year in 2018.


Chef Lata Tondon said, “I have been fascinated with cooking since childhood and am fortunate to be surrounded by family and friends who have encouraged me to turn my passion into a career. While I love cooking traditional dishes, I won’t define myself as a conservative chef. I love exploring regional flavours, cooking techniques and finding unexplored ingredients from different parts of India. My vision is to take these unusual hyperlocal ingredients and create dishes that change the limited perception of Indian cuisine at a global level.”

Chef Lata Tondon is currently gearing up to launch a coffee table book that will showcase unexplored cuisines and ingredients from different parts of India. She has also announced plans to open a restaurant in London in the near future that will offer cuisine from India’s lesser-known regions with a twist that appeals all palates. Her vision is to give a new perspective of Indian cuisine, lesser known to most at a global level.

She also holds a host of other national and international accolades including India Book of record, Asia Book of record, Indo-China Book of record, Vietnam Book of record, Laos Book of record and Nepal Book of record to name a few.

Chef Lata is a is a passionate traveller and has dedicated herself to promote regional Indian food across the globe. She has travelled thousands of miles across different states in India, in search of unexplored and hidden tastes of Indian cuisine. Driven by her passion for cooking she plans to dial up a notch and surprise the world each time. In her words, “Nothing like Indian cuisine, the immense diversity can impress all and a lot still needs to be showcased and that’s what I’m here for.”


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