Indian Railways kick-start process to allow private players


The Indian Railways has kick started the process to allow private players to operate some trains with the Indian frailways


The 109 Pairs have been formed into 12 Clusters across the Indian Railway network. Each Train shall have a minimum of 16 coaches. The project would entail private sector investment of about Rs 30,000 crore, the ministry said in a statement.

The Ministry said that the private entity shall be for financing, procuring, operation and maintenance of the trains. However, it said that majority of Trains will be manufactured in India as per Make in India. Trains shall be designed for a maximum speed of 160 kmph, which is likely to reduce journey time. The Ministry said that the objective of private initiative was to boost job creation, introduce modern technology rolling stock with reduced maintenance, provide enhanced safety, reduce demand supply deficit in the passenger transportation sector and provide world class travel experience.

The Concession Period for the project shall be 35 years. The Private Entity shall pay to Indian Railways fixed ligulage charges, energy charges as per actual consumption and a share in Gross Revenue determined through a transparent bidding process.

These trains shall be operated by the Driver and Guard of Indian Railways. The operation of the trains by the private entity shall conform to the key performance indicators like punctuality, reliability, upkeep of trains etc. Operation and maintenance of the passenger trains would be governed by standards & specifications and requirements specified by Indian Railways

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