India has lowest corona cases per million population: WHO



India has one of the lowest cases of Coronavirus per million population, according to the World Health Organisation report. India’s cases per million population is 505.37 while the global average is at 1453.25.

The WHO situation report said that Chile witnessed 15,459.8 cases of COVID-19 per million population. While Peru has 9070.8 cases per million population, the US has 8560.5 cases per million population. US, Brazil and Spain have 7419.1 and 5358.7 cases per million population respectively, the WHO situation report said.

The UK witnessed 651.4 corona deaths per million population. Spain, Italy, France and US reported 607.1, 576.6, 456.7 and 391.0 deaths per mission population, the world organisation said.

A Health Ministry statement said that India had ramped up hospital infrastructure to effectively manage the cases.  The country has 1201 dedicated Covid hospitals, 2611 dedicated coronavirus Healthcare Centres and 9909 Covid Care Centres. Such level of preparedness has shown results in continuously improving the Recovery Rate and resulting in low Case Fatality Rate, the Ministry said.

Early detection and timely effective clinical management of COVID-19 cases have resulted in increasing daily recoveries. During the last 24 hours, a total of 15,515 COVID-19 patients have been cured, taking the cumulative figure of recovered cases among COVID-19 patients to 4,39,947 as of July 7, the Ministry said.

Coordinated efforts at all levels of the national and State governments for prevention, containment and management of COVID-19 are showing encouraging results with consistently increasing gap between Recoveries and Active cases. The ministry said the recovery rate among COVID-19 patients increased to 61.13 per cent.

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