India-US gets together in Science and Technology


Aimed at high quality research and innovation partnership, India and the United States of America will join hands in science and technology in the coming days. The Union Cabinet gave the nod for an agreement with the US on cooperation in science and technology.

Hoping to open a new chapter in bilateral relations, the agreement will leverage complementary strengths of both sides. The cooperation will also help in promoting ‘high quality’ and ‘high impact’ research and innovation partnerships. It will also help in broadening and expanding relationships between the scientific and technological communities.

Under the agreement, there would be exchange of scientific and technical information and experts. The agreement also envisages training of scientists and experts well established institutions. The use of advanced research facility is another feature of the agreement that the Cabinet has now given the green signal.

It also calls for establishment of science and innovation based PPS. Both the countries could also hold joint research projects as per the agreement.


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