India sets up COVID 19 National Tele-Consultation Centre

In the wake of Coronavirus spreading across the country, India has set up a National Tele-Consultation Centre for doctors to remain in contact with experts and others from across the country.

The COVID 19 National Tele-Consultation Centre will help in the improvement of treatment, Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan said. The doctors will be able to discuss among themselves about the treatment procedures and share their experiences, he said. The Centre will provide better treatment of Coronavirus patients, the minister added.

Vardhan said that the National Teleconsultation Centre will act as a hub for sharing information regarding coronavirus among doctors and the health care workers. The doctors can consult, educate and share information with others. The Minister also said that the government has given legal sanctity to teleconsultation.

With several patients not able to consult a doctor because of the lockdown, the telecommunication facility will help in bridging the gap. The patients can now talk to the doctor about the medicines that they are taking and get advice. Telemedicine policy was given legal sanctity, the minister said.o


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