India sees a decrease in bribery

Corruption and bribery in India has shown a slowdown last year with a ten per cent decrease in bribery acts, according to a survey held in 20 states.


In the India Corruption Survey 2019’ – held by Local Circles in collaboration with Transparency International India, it was found that states such as Kerala, West Bengal, Goa, Delhi, Gujarat, Haryana and Odisha only recorded less corruption and bribery. Meanwhile higher corruption was reported from the states of Karnataka, Bihar, Rajasthan, Telangana, Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Punjab and Jharkhand.


About two lakh people responded to the survey, which had led to the calculations. In 2018 survey, 56 per cent of the people had revealed that they had paid bribes for getting some work done. But in 2019 survey, 51 per cent people across the country said that they had paid bribes.


The survey notes that money was still the primary mode of paying bribes. About 35 per cent of the people who participated in the survey said that they paid money. While thirty per cent said they paid money indirectly through some agent, six per cent of the surveyed people said that they gave bribe in form of favours and gifts.

The survey notes that 38 per cent of the people had taken to bribing as the thought it was the only way to get their work done fast. Meanwhile, 26 per cent said that if they had not given bribes, then their work would have taken a much longer period.

About six per cent of the people surveyed believed that some steps have been taken by respective state governments in curtailing corruption and bribery. However, 34 per cent of the people said that the steps taken by the respective governments have been not effective.

It has also been pointed out that offices related to registration and land was the most corrupted with as many as 26 per cent voting for this. When 19 per cent of the people believed that the police was corrupt, 13 per cent opined that municipal corporation was a place for bribery.


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