India is More Generous Now

India is More Generous Now

India is now among the top 20 generous countries in charity and giving, according to the latest World Giving Index. India now placed at 14th position was ranked 82 a decade ago.

The Charities Aid Foundation came out with the World Giving Index (WGI) 2021 recently. The Index showed Indonesia as the most generous country in the world. It also showed that Western Countries have come down the index. It also mentions that developed countries also showed signs of falling down in the index, contrary to the developing countries that showed an upward trend in generosity.

The World Giving Index showed that scores for India rapidly improved between 2017 and 2019. This improvement was maintained in 2020. The Charities Aid Foundation said that the country maintained the progress across all age groups and amongst both men and women. The Index noted that 61 per cent of Indians helped persons whom they did not know. India’s voluntary rate stood at 34 per cent. The country saw 36 per cent of its people donating money.

The World Giving Index comes at a time the country is reeling under the second wave of Covid 19 pandemic. The upward trend shown by the country is an indication that people have become generous now.

It is time when migrant workers lost their jobs and were battling hunger and heat. Moreover, almost all the sectors unemployment and job loss.

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