India is for setting up a dedicated ‘Green Window’ for renewal energy

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India is for setting up a dedicated ‘Green Window’ for the upliftment and proper utilising of renewable energy. Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency would be taking the lead in this direction that is said to boost renewable energy market.

With renewable energy becoming cheaper and considered good for the country, Ministry of New and renewable Energy secretary Anand Kumar said that Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency Green Window would help in boosting the energy sector in the country. He said this while addressing UN Climate Change Conference in Madrid, Spain.

With India’s aim to become five trillion Dollar economy, he said that this step of Green Window would be of a great help. This would help in installing 450 gigawatts of renewable energy, which could boost the economy.

He said that allocation of about 20 million dollars is expected for the Green Window, he also said that there were plans to leverage 80 million dollar from various agencies in this respect.

As of October 2019, Anand Kumar said that India’s installed renewable capacity has met about the half of its target of 2022 target of 175gigawatts.

Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency is a leading financial institution that is dedicated to clean energy. Green Windows are public entities that work with private sector for enhancing investment in green energy.


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