India gives birth to highest number of newborn babies on New Year day

About Four lakh children were born on New Year day with India having the maximum number of births at 67,385, according to United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF). China followed India in the highest number of births with 46,299 births.

The UNICEF said that Fiji might be where the first New Year baby might be born and the last baby of the New Year might be in the United States of America.

The UN agency said that half of the total number of children born world over might be in eight countries. When 67,385 births were reported from India, 46,299 births were reported from China. Apart from this, Nigeria recorded 26,039 births, Pakistan 16,787 newborns, Indonesia 13,020, United States of America 10,452, Congo 10,247 and Ethiopia reported 8,493 births, according to the UNICEF.

UNICEF celebrates babies born on New Year’s Day every year as it was an auspicious day for all child births around the world. Though children were born on New Year day, the UNICEF said that it was not smooth for many of them. About 2.5 million newborns died within a month of their birth in 201. A third of them died on the first day itself, the agency said. Most of the deaths were due topremature delivery, delivery complications and infections.

The UN Agency also said that there has been a remarkable decrease in the death of children before their fifth year. However, the UNICEF said that there was a slower pace in the death of newborns. Of the total number of deaths before the fifth year, 47 per cent deaths happened in the first month of their birth. The figures are that of 2018.

India is also expected to surpass China as the world’s most populous country by 2027.


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