India develops cheap Silver Nano Wires


Silver Nanowires s gaining much popularity and several countries are researching to manufacturing inexpensive nanowires. India, which has been on its research for quite a long time, has now developed a technology for manufacturing inexpensive Silver Nano Wires. The CSIR- National Chemical Laboratory in Pune developed the technology and the pilot plant was inaugurated last week in the campus.

The Plant s reported to have the capacity to produce 500 grams of nano wires a day. As odf now, a gram of nanowire costs between Rs 18,000 to Rs 24,000 in the international market. It is said that silver nano wires produced using CSIR technology is going to be at least 12 times cheaper than the present price. Moreover, a wide range of nano wires suitable for various purposes can be produced using the technology at the CSIR.

The new technology has been developed by a team led by Amol A Kulkarni from the Chemical Engineering and Process Development Division. More than 90 per cent of tesilver nano wire manufacturers are from outside India and the country shells out a lot of money for buying these nanowires. With the technology developed by the CSIR, Indian industry will be able to enter the nano wire market with a cheaper price.

Silver Nanowires are now widely accepted because of their sustainability and suitability for flexible as well as printed electronics.


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