In 15 days, Indian Railways helps a million passengers to reach home states


The Indian Railways has crossed the milestone of transporting more than one million passengers to their home states through “Shramik Special” trains in less than 15 days.

A total of 800 “Shramnik Special” trains became operational from various states across the country.  Union Railway Minister Piyush Goyal in his tweet said that Since May, Shramik special trains carried upto 1,200 passengers on each service and helped about a million migrant workers, who lost their livelihood, to return to their homes.  The minister also shared pictures of several migrant labourers inside a train. He also mentioned that the Railways was committed for making the journey comfortable and safe.

The trains were run only after concurrence was given both by the State which is sending the passengers and the State which is receiving. The trains were run Delhi station connecting Agartala, Dibrugarh, Howrah Bilaspur, Patna, Ranchi,Secunderabad, Bhubaneswar, Bengaluru, Thiruvananthapuram, Chennai, Madgaon, Ahmedabad , Jammu Tawi.Mumbai Central,

Meanwhile, the Railways cancelled all tickets booked for travel till June 30 and said that a full refund will be issued.

Though all tickets booked till June 30 was cancelled, Shramik Special trains will continue its operatin, the railways said. . All regular passenger train services including Mail or Express trains, passenger and suburban or local train services remain cancelled until further advice, the Indian Railways said in a statement Though the Railwaus had suspended its regular train operations after the announcement of lockdown, it continued to take ticket bookings for trains scheduled to run after April 14


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