Imagine a house for one dollar


Who does not love to own a house for just one dollar or a little more? Well, every one aspires to get a house thus cheap. If so you have to fly down to Italian town of Salemi.

In a bid to attract more people, the Italian town has started to auction houses that fell into disrepair. The City council has put the abandoned houses for sale as part of its efforts to revitalize the region. The residents have been leaving the town after the earthquake of 1968. It is said that about 4000 people have already left the town and the whole town is like an abandoned place, which the City council want to enliven..

All the houses belong to the council. This makes it easier for the buyers as they won’t get into any red-tapism. The town was given a face-lift before the bid was open. The infrastructure was upgraded, power supply and sewage lines restored.

The council said that it was a long process to give the town a face-lift. Though the maintenance was completed a few months ago, the council said that they were only waiting to see the effect of Covid 19 pandemic. Italy was a hot spot for coronavirus in the beginning. But the town of Sicily was not much impacted.



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