Idli and chikcken Biryani to be Gaganyaan travellers favourite dishes

Space gaganyaan


For breakfast, it can be idli or Upma. One can also choose between vegetarian pulao and chicken biryani with mixed vegetables or a curry for Lunch. And for dinner, chapathi and chicken korma would be a great appetite. This is what the astronauts of the Indian Space mission Gaganyaan would be carrying to the space, if everything is finalised.

Apart from this, several food items have now been shortlisted to be taken by the space travellers. Four pilots of the Indian Air Force have been selected for Gaganyaan. The Defence Food Research Laboratory in Mysore is working on a range of packaged food items that could be carried by the astronauts.

Though a range of food is already available for those who travel in space, those on Gaganyaan mission will have Indian dishes. It has been reported that the foods would be slightly spicy and special spicy sachets would be made available for those who wants to get extra spice. Well, among the food items bread has been avoided as it tends to crumble which could be an annoyance.

The drinks that will be taken by the space travellers will have special sachets with special straws that flap back after sipping. This would help the drops to remain in the sachet. Scientists are only working on the particular straw. The researchers are also working on the bins to keep food remains.

One of the advantages of the food that is to be carried in this Gaganyaan trip is that it is a short flight. An advantage is that the food does not need to last for several weeks and the foods could be packed in semi solid form.


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