Hurricanes gain added strength every year


Hurricanes have been lashing all parts of the world and the intensity has been getting stronger. In every part of the world, the hurricanes are seen to strike with more speed than previous years.

A new study, which analysed almost 40 years of satellite imagery of hurricanes, has revealed that the winds are getting stronger every year. The study was done by National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration National Center for Environmental Information and University of Wisconsin-Madison Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies.

The researchers said that the increased warming of the planet has led to the increase strength of the hurricanes over the years. The study is based on Kossin’s previous work of 2013 that identified intensification trends in hurricane over a period of 28 years. For the present study, the researchers analysed hurricane data between 1979 and 2017. The used many techniques such as CIMSS Advanced Dvorak Technique that uses infrared temperature measurements from geostationary satellites.

One of the impediments was that each year the data varied as each year, new satellite used new tools and captured data in different ways. As a result all the data was woven together and this made analysis a tough task.

The researchers concluded in the study that hurricane winds have gained strength and blowing more vigorously in all regions. And this was only increasing year after year. And the main reason attributed is to the warning of the globe.



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