Humans in quarantine and the Wild in the neighbourhood


With the entire globe in lockdown over coronavirus and human beings are confined to their homes, the wild life seems to have taken over the roads and the surroundings. It seems wildlife has taken over the surroundings that once used to be theirs.

While humans are suffering from the deadly coronavirus, the wildlife seems to be in no worry and roaming the streets and roads. From India Bison to Malabar Civet, the videos of many animals roaming the streets and highways have emerged in the social media.

The Nilgai bulls were spotted in Delhi roads. Dolphins were seen in the oceans off Mumbai. In Kozhikode, Kerala, Malabar large spotted civet was seen crossing the road. The Civet is a critically endangered animal.

Chandigarh locality saw Sambar Deer roaming about.  Meanwhile, people in Oooty Coonoor Taluk in Ooty said that they spotted a Black Panther and sloth bear. Nature lovers spotted another interesting thing. They found that Olive ridley turtles had come in large numbers on the coasts of Odisha. The number was much larger than all times.

Apart from India, animals were spotted in many countries roaming the neighbourhood or the roads. A puma was spotted in Chilean capital of Santiago. In Italy and Spain, wild boars were seen to have returned. In Venice canals, fish and dolphins were spotted.

Nature is back!



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