Human Swan Sacha Dench is CMS ambassador

Conservationist Sacha Dench was appointed as Convention on Migratory Species (CMS) Ambassador at the ongoing Conference of Parties to CMS in Gandhinagar, India. The meeting appointed her as ambassador to raise awareness on migratory birds and animals.

Dench, who is having good knowledge about conservation of birds, will focus on avian species. She has a track record of twenty years as conservationist. Dench is the co-founder of Conservation without Borders. This is a charity that lends support to scientists and conservationists through media, public as well as political support.

The conseris known for the three-month expedition named “Flight of the Swans”. This expedition gained attention for the conservation of Bewick’s Swan. She made the expedition flying a paramotor solo across 11 countries and covering over 7,000 km. She travelled from the arctic region in Russia to United Kingdom. Bewick’s Swan is an endangered migratory bird.
Dench plans a new expedition named “Flight of the Osprey” just like the Flight of the Swans. In this expedition, she will highlight threats faced by Osprey. She plans to follow Osprey’s western flight path starting from UK. The conservationist hopes to have a clear picture of the Osprey’s route. Dench also intends to collect vital data on Osprey’s challenges along the way.

In the next three years, Dench along with her team will be working along with Convention on Migratory Species and analyse the priority areas and migratory routes.


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