Hug a tree and feel free from social distancing

The world is in lock down and people are maintaining social distancing. People are feeling a sense of isolation. In such a situation, the Forest Service in Iceland has come up with a novel way to overcome this boredom; Hug a tree and get relaxed.

In a message to the people, the forest officials at the Hallormsstadur National Forest in East Iceland have called for hugging the trees and to overcome the burden of isolation. The officials in the National Forest were quoted as asking the people to come and hug the trees. Once you hug the tree, you get the energy. When hugging a tree, you feel relaxation from the toes to the head. This is a wonderful experience, the officials said.

The forestry service has also put a number of pictures in its website, showing the several ways to hug a tree.  A forester at the Hallormsstadur National Forest also said that holding a tree for five minutes a day is enough to start a day. It gets the energy one needs in this short time, they said.

In Hallormsstadur National Forest, the forest personnel have cut paths through the snow so that people could wander along and hug a tree. Moreover, the paths are wide enough so that people maintain social distancing while walking along the path and also hugging the trees.


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